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She's a warrior!!!

She's a warrior!!!

No, you won't worry her.

Therefor she's a warrior.

Strong, and doesn't gives up, no not easily.

People pleaser? No, just loves easier,

Even if it doesn't please her.

She's a carer at heart, yes this means she really is some form of art.

She nurtures, yes everything that her hands touches.

Yes, tears flow easily from her eyes,

But this doesn't mean she's weak,

She's just quick to realise to keep her eyes fixed on the prize.

She's a Warrior.

You don't have to keep worrying about her.

This doesn't mean neglect her and forget her.

It just means that her vulnerability makes her even stronger.

Makes her even a greater fighter.

And no this fighting is not physical,

It's mental, emotional and definitely nothing less than spiritual!

"I can do all things through Christ who gives me the Strength"

Philippians 4 vs 13

Therefore she's a warrior.

Ally Dee

August 2020

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