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Don't "Mind"

Our Minds are powerful, what we think, we are.

What we think, we become.

Our thoughts we can control.

What we feed it, is what we eat.

Mind over Matter.

Yes I know you think this doesn't matter,

But trust me I've been there so consider this a factor.

What happens in your mind is how you live your life.

What you think, you speak.

So what you sow you will certainly reap!

So don't be so quick to say I don't "Mind"

Just think a bit deeper and you surely shall find,

Find what is deeper within one's mind,

Find what is truly inside.

And when you find, you'll see that the inner is greater than the outter.

Way greater than even the mind won't be able to confine.

So Let's not let irrelevant things get our minds inter-twined.

Just sit back and then refine.

Just fine that thing that helps you unwind.

Like this, this is my divine prime time.

Hey get up it's time for you to Rise and Shine!

Ally Dee

5 March 2020

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