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Family Ties

Family ties

Family ties broken before me..

I perceived the lies,

I never trusted the skies,

I tried to disguise

My heart cries, oh...(sigh) my family ties

Family ties?

It was indeed some type of traumatize,

So yes I perceived them lies,

I ran off, to try once again to disguise,

Did I compromise? Just to feel the love of lies?

But family ties

Yes family ties

Of course it made me realise,

Yet I still tried to compromise,

Who even gave me permission to critise all these lies?

Do you know the father of lies

like those irritating fruit flies

But family ties

It make me realise

Opened my true eyes

And now the father of lies will try and try until he eventually crys.

So this is good-byes only to the lies

Wipe your eyes and see, see who OVER RIDES the father of all..

He is the one that will never make you compromise all He tries is to make you realise so dry your eyes. Have some McDonald's fries. Don't ever perceive satan's lies. Just keep your eyes tied to the main Prize.

Ally Dee

16 June 2020

- Inspired by Keziah

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