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New Life

New Life

Rich. mine and yours different, see mines not monetary but it's value.

My God, jelly when I spend too much time with you. Cuzzy don't let, your plug walk, tap in. Family time is the best time plus I'm honouring whole time. 14:34 in my room chilling, revelation. The angel of death was very close to me last night, though I've never felt dad's spirit with me like this before, it must've meant one thing.

Heaven sent.

First of Jan 2019, beach road. Beach. My cuz buried my old body in white sand, constantly white sand between my toes, beach, if only she knows.

Collecting shells with the little blessing from above. Shinning from, above apon yours. Under this African son, we still see colour, rainbows its a promise, move forward. Engrossed in our inner, are we really. Coz what's in is it heart, and the heart should bea - (it), right?

Listen, I'm just trying to let all know that we shouldn't just exist for ourselves. Look around, look up, look inside and see within is a you we all need.

Keep moving, He says, I'll make your weight lighter, He says. Shells and feathers from the ocean shore, signs and wonders, I speak to you my daughter. Till we hit the heavens.

Drive by, no I don't do that. I was driving by Grassy Park rank just reflecting. Looking where my Fam is at. Is he here? Yo, uncle.

Pray for your 20 somethings, it can either make or break, you, coz the past is over and done. Move on. New life.

Driving is no joke son. It's a full time job son. It's independence, that's it. Till we hit the heavens.

So when the oceans rise, I will soar with you.

When trials come, I will triumph with you.

And to the only special one I had a stable relationship with. Bless you. You taught me what love is, you taught me how to shift my mind set and mostly self love, coz if we don't how will anyone else?

New life

Ally Dee

January 2019

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