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Wipe your tears.

You were never made to have fears.

He'll always shift us in the right gears.

Here here Queen, it's always time to dream.

Yes I know,

I know sometimes you want to scream.

I've experienced it all,

And it was not just a late night dream...Fears.

They creep in like the morning sun, it's no fun.

Before it hits you, you can't find anywhere to run.

Yes the sun allows us to have some fun,

But sometimes fears even feel like a man with a gun,

You need not to run.

Don't run, face Fears head on.

And take control of everything going on.

List them down.


And decide what to neglect.

Don't reject the feelings.

All you need to do is just project.

Project all that you do NOT Fear.

And here, Fear, will no longer be so near!

"Fear. You'll never stay near. You don't deserve all that has brought me to the point to always try to be sincere...So no fear over hear!"

Ally Dee

15 May 2020

- Inspired by Christine

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